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Special Events Application

  1. FINALSpecialEvents-Website-Banner-1
  2. Include Area Code
  3. Number of Days*
  4. Include Set Up, Opening, Closing and Breakdown times for each date
  5. (If the estimated attendance of the event is more than 1,500 people)
  6. Does the event take place in or run through a Park?*
  7. Does the Event require Water Access?
  8. Does the event require the RCWJ Centennial Park Pavillion?*
  9. Must be at least 1 hour before Kick Off
  10. Is route different from last year?*
  11. (Attach the notification that is given to any businesses/residences/buildings impacted by the road closure/moving event)

  12. Does the event require Electricity*
    Sponsor must supply extension cords
  13. Does the event require closing streets*
    If the event is involves a parade/motorcade and the street will re-open immediately following the event, click "No"
  14. Ex. -- Delaware Avenue between Virginia Street and Allen Street. If closing Niagara Square, all 8 blocks will be closed automatically
  15. (Only if the parade route or road closure impacts any bus routes or Metro Rail)
  16. Does the event require 'Do Not Stand' signs?*
  17. Ex. -- Delaware Avenue between Virginia Street and Allen Street.
  18. Does the event require City of Buffalo Garbage/Recycling Totes?*
    All Park Events Require City of Buffalo Garbage and Recycling Totes
  19. Disclaimer*
    The City of Buffalo has the right to determine how many totes as well as pickups are needed for every event. After the conclusion of the event, all totes must be returned to their original location by the event organizer. Garbage left outside of totes will be subject to additional clean up fees and or summons. Every event must request Recycling totes. If Recycling totes are contaminated with garbage, a summons will be issued. You must include a map marking the exact location of your tote drop off/pick up. If a tote is deemed damaged or missing at the conclusion of an event, the event sponsor will be responsible for a replacement in the assessed amount of $55 per tote. Due to staffing requirements, SUNDAY PICK- UPS are a minimum $1,000.
  20. 1 Garbage Tote for every 25 estimated attendees. $10 per tote fee includes 1 pick-up day
  21. 1 Recycling Tote for every 5 Garbage Totes
  22. Number of Additional Pick-Up Dates
    Ex. -- 4 totes with one pickup day is $40/two pickup days is $80
  23. Does the event require the use of the City of Buffalo Bandshell?*
  24. Does the event require the use of Fire Hydrants?*
  25. Will Items be sold at the event?*
  26. Will Food be sold at the event?*
  27. Does the event require Tents?*
  28. Does the event require Propane?*
  29. Will Fireworks be used at the event?*
  30. Disclaimer
    Only a licensed pyrotechnician is permitted to submit a Fireworks Application. To apply for a Fireworks Permit, please contact the Bureau of Fire Prevention at (716) 851-5707 x 752
  31. Will Amusement Rides be used at the event?*
  32. Will any device that amplifies sound be used at the event?
    Ex. -- DJ or PA System
  33. Is the event Handicap Accessible*
  34. Will Alcohol be served at the event?*
  35. City of Buffalo Website Calendar Consent*
  36. (If the estimated attendance of the event is more than 5,000 people)
  37. Hold Harmless Agreement*
    By accepting a CITY OF BUFFALO, BUFFALO CITY PARKS, SPECIAL EVENTS AND OR PARADE PERMIT, the undersigned PERMIT HOLDER hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the CITY OF BUFFALO, its officers, and employees, against any and all claims, lawsuits, causes of action, judgments, or other liability, arising from injury to person or property, sustained by any person, association, partnership, corporation, or other entity, arising directly or indirectly from the acts or neglect of the PERMIT HOLDER, its officers, agents, employees, or members, participants, guests, invitees, or persons under the control of the PERMIT HOLDER. In furtherance of the foregoing indemnification, the PERMIT HOLDER also hereby agrees to provide evidence (in the form of an ACORD certificate of liability insurance) of insurance policies of General Liability and/or Special Event Liability and Liquor Liability insurance (applicable whenever alcohol is served or sold as part of the permitted event) and agrees to maintain said policies of insurance in force during the course of the permitted event, including the opening date, closing date, set-up date and breakdown date. Said policies of insurance shall protect against liability arising from all matters in connection with the permitted event and or in any way relating to PERMIT HOLDER’S activities in connection therewith. Said policies of General Liability and/or Special Event Liability and Liquor Liability insurance coverage shall each be maintained in the sum of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence (or higher amount at the sole discretion of the City). The City of Buffalo shall be named as an additional insured and certificate holder under the General Liability, including any Excess/Umbrella Liability policy, and/or Special Event Liability and Liquor Liability insurance policies (with the permitted event being set forth or described in the description of operations box of the certificate of insurance). In the event the permitted event is to be held in a City Olmsted Parks, the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy must also added as an additional insured under said policies and as an indemnitee. In the event the permitted event is to be held in an area or areas under the management of Buffalo Place, then Buffalo Place, Inc. must also added as an additional insured under said policies and as an indemnitee. At its own expense, the PERMIT HOLDER shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless in any and all causes of action, lawsuits or claims brought against the CITY OF BUFFALO, its officers or employees, and also, where applicable, the Buffalo Olmsted Park Conservancy or Buffalo Place, Inc.
  38. List of Olmsted Parks
    Delaware Park (includes Ring Road, Parkside Lodge, Rumsey Woods, Hoyt Lake, History Museum, Albright Knox on Lincoln Parkway side, Buffalo Zoo) Cazenovia Park South Park (including Botanic Gardens) MLK Park (including Science Museum) Riverside Park Front Park Columbus/Prospect Park Days Park Heacock Park Bidwell, Lincoln, Chapin, McKinley, RedJacket, & Humboldt Pkwys Soldier, Colonial, Gates, McKinley, McClellan, Ferry & Symphony Circles
  39. Buffalo Place Map
    Buffalo Place
  40. Electronic Signature Agreement
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
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