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Complaint on Real Property Assessment


  1. 1. Part One: General Information
  2. 2. Part Two: Information Necessary to Determine Value of Property
  3. 3. Part Three: Grounds for Complaint
  4. 4. Part Four: Designation of Representative to Make Complaint
  5. 5. Part Five: Certification
  6. 6. Part Six: Stipulation
  • Part One: General Information

    1. (City, Town, Village or County)
    2. (General information and instructions for completing this form are contained in Form RP-524-Ins)
    3. Is a representative filing this application?
    4. 4. Property Location
    5. 5. Property Identification (See Tax Bill or Assessment Roll)
    6. Type of Property
    7. 6. Assessed Value Appearing on the Assessment Roll
    8. (See Part Two on Page 2)