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NNO 2020 Registration form

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  2. This year's National Night Out will be different but we will remain connected as a community in new ways! National Night Out is a night where people join with neighbors to support their community and deter crime. This annual event reminds residents of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles, like keeping porches lit at night and keeping shrubs and trees around your property well maintained. National Night Out encourages neighbors to connect with local police officers to get involved with their community.
  3. In years past, we’ve encouraged residents to get involved with their neighbors for events on National Night Out. However, in accordance with NYS guidelines, all social gatherings must be limited to 50 participants or less. This year, we encourage National Night Out participants to celebrate from their own porches and to register for the virtual video conference celebration. Use the form below to register and you will be emailed an invite link to the virtual video conference.
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