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Lead Attestation Form

  1. I attest as follows:
  2. • I will provide a copy of the City of Buffalo Lead Paint Notice Form OR include the federal lead-based paint disclosure form to all tenants who move into the dwelling unit[s] after any current tenant vacates
  3. • I am familiar with and will utilize lead safe practices when painting, renovating, or repairing the property
  4. • Before I, or any agent acting on my behalf, engages in any repair, remodeling, or maintenance of any interior space that is six (6) square feet or more or exterior surfaces of twenty (20) square feet or more, I will provide the HUD/EPA pamphlet pertaining to lead paint to tenants residing in the dwelling units
  5. • I understand that pursuant to City of Buffalo Code 264-14, the City of Buffalo or its representatives may inspect my property on its exterior, interior, or both, for lead paint violations or hazards
  6. • I understand that if the City of Buffalo determines that a lead paint violation or hazard exists, the City of Buffalo will require the violation or hazard be remediated in a safe and timely manner. In some instances, the City of Buffalo may require that the work be performed by an EPA accredited contractor
  7. • I understand that if the lead paint violation or hazard is not remediated in a manner satisfactory to the City of Buffalo, I may be fined, lose my rental registration certificate and be unable to rent my unit(s), and be subject to other action as permitted by law.
  8. Do you own additional rental properties?
  9. Current tenants were notified of the potential of lead paint hazard by [check one]:
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