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Special Events Erie Canal Harbor / Canalside Application & Permit

  1. Prior to submitting this application, contact Canalside at 716-362-8370 or email information to secure Canalside site usage permission. Applicant is also bound to the rules set forth by the Global Spectrum as the contracted public space manager.

    Public assemblages, festivals, commercial activities, military and other parades at Canalside, not sponsored by the City of Buffalo, are prohibited except with the written permission of the Commissioner of Public Works. Signature on this application by the Commissioner constitutes permission to use Canalside pursuant to the terms and conditions established by the Commissioner and the rules and regulations established by the Office of Special Events”. A full special events application and fees are also a requirement.

    Adequate insurance or bond, approved as to form by the Corporation Counsel, must be obtained prior to the Commissioner issuing a permit. No standing, parking or driving on the lawn sections with the site. Private vehicles are not allowed on the wharf and/or grass areas. No defacing of railings, wharf, bridge or utility fixtures within the site. No drilling holes or spikes into the surface without prior approval. Tents and other structures may be placed using water barrels when placed on the lawn wharf, sidewalks and streets within the site or in the street adjoining the curb line. Signs or banners from lamp standards may be erected only upon written approval of the Commissioner. The event sponsor is responsible for set-up, take-down, and clean-up at direction of the site manager. Sponsor makes arrangements with Division of Streets for removal of solid waste from event.
  2. Use of bandshell
    Rental from Buffalo Parks 716-851-9670 or Erie Company 716-858-7037
  3. Street closing
    Permit required. City of Buffalo 716-851-5366
  4. Barricades
    Event organizer is responsible for barricade rental
  5. Snow fencing
    Event organizer is responsible for fencing rental
  6. Traffic adjustment
    Event organizer must notify NFTA and BPD
  7. Tents or other structures
    Permit required. Buffalo Fire Prevention; fee applies
  8. Garbage receptacles
    Permit required. Buffalo Sanitation Department, fee applies
  9. Electricity needed
    Sponsor supplies extension cords
  10. Banners from lamp stand
    Permit required. Traffic Engineering 716-8515366
  11. Water needed
    Hydrant permit required; fees; sponsor to supply hoses
  12. Insurance/bond attached
    Name City of Buffalo and Buffalo Place/Buffalo Place Foundation, Empire State Development, Erie Canal Harbor Development corporation as additional insured
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