What do I do if I'm having problems with my bill?
  • If you have received a bill and feel you have already paid it, check the paid column on the notice.  If an amount appears, this billing is due to your payment being postmarked after the due date or you did not pay the full amount of your ticket.  You must pay the additional penalty or mail in your notice requesting a hearing.  A determination must be made by a hearing officer.
  • If you feel you did not receive the summons listed on the bill, check the information listed.  If all information is accurate, make payment or request a hearing by the due date. Parking Violations Bureau does not grant any payment extensions.
  • If the registered owner of the vehicle is deceased, mail in a copy of the death certificate or obituary. If the summons was issued on or before the date of death, the summons will be cleared.
  • If the vehicle was stolen, send in a copy of the police report with the date and time the car was reported stolen and date and time the car was recovered.  If the summons was issued between this time frame, the summons will be cleared.

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