I did not receive a copy of summons by mail. Where was it mailed?

Owner of Violation Location

If "Owner of Violation Location" is cited summons will not contain a name.

  • Service is made either by certified mail or by leaving a copy of summons at the property and mailing a copy to the owner at the mailing address contained in the Assessment Record.
  • It is owner's responsibility to update Assessment Record to ensure timely notification. Changes to mailing address for User Fee bills, Water Bills, Taxes, Rental Registry, and any other city departments are not reflected in the Assessment Record. For more information on updating your Assessment Record, please contact 716-851-5733.

Personally Cited

If respondent is personally cited summons will contain the name of person cited.

  • Copy of summons will be mailed to her/his last known mailing address as indicated on summons.
  • It is responsibility of respondent to notify our office of any discrepancy or changes to mailing address contained on summons.

For more information, please call the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication at 716-851-4046.

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1. I did not receive a copy of summons by mail. Where was it mailed?
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