What kind of duties will I be asked to perform?

Potential projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting and preparing official documents
  • Attending and summarizing conferences and meetings
  • Compiling statistics
  • Conducting research
  • Developing and drafting new programming
  • Evaluating ongoing projects
  • Conducting and leading presentations

For more information, please call the Urban Fellows Internship Program at 716-851-5672.

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1. How many fellows are accepted?
2. What are the deadlines for applying?
3. If I am not enrolled at a post-secondary academic institution, may I still apply?
4. Will I be informed of the receipt of my application?
5. What do I need to provide when applying?
6. What type of references should I list?
7. What type of writing sample should I submit?
8. After I submit my application documents, what is the next step?
9. When will I be notified of my acceptance into the Urban Fellows Internship Program?
10. Does the internship offer credits?
11. What kind of skills are you looking for?
12. What kind of duties will I be asked to perform?
13. When is the starting date of the internship?
14. Can I adjust the length of the internship to fit my needs?
15. What are my chances of employment with the City of Buffalo after the internship?
16. How do I contact the Urban Fellows Internship Program?