Appeal After a Guilty Verdict

If you disagree with the decision of the Court, the appropriate action is to file an Appeal. You have a right to appeal a conviction and sentence within timelines set by law. The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is a court of record and the appeal process is governed by the Criminal Procedure Law. Appeals must be made through a superior court and are not made directly through the agency.

Forms and more information may be obtained at the Eighth Judicial Department Help Center by visiting

  • Agency clerks are not permitted to give you legal advice.
  • The agency cannot assist you in the appeals process.
  • Agency clerks cannot provide you with forms but you are encouraged to download the BTVA APPEALS GUIDE.
  • An individual who needs legal assistance may contact the Bar Association of Erie County’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service at (716) 852-3100 for referral to a private attorney.

If you would like to file an Appeal, it is strongly encouraged that you consult an attorney. However, you have the right to file an Appeal pro se, which means ‘without an attorney.’ More information can be found at NY Court Help.

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