What about high grass and weeds after demolition?

If privately-owned, the owner is responsible; the district inspector should 'Cite' the owner. If the City of Buffalo is the owner, the Division of Real Estate or Public Works should cut it. For more information please call 716-851-4904.

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1. Who owns the lot after demolition?
2. Does the City of Buffalo sow grass seed after demolition, grading and leveling?
3. Does the City develop lots after demolition, with topsoil, landscaping, etc.?
4. How long is the city responsible for grading and leveling of lots?
5. What about high grass and weeds after demolition?
6. What about using a hose to keep dust down during demolition?
7. Who monitors demolitions?
8. Who assures that asbestos has been removed from buildings that are to be demolished?
9. Can I remove asbestos from my own single family home?