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Block Club Organizing, Technical Assistance & Neighborhood Watch Training

CAO Masten Resouce Center
1423 Fillmore Avenue
Buffalo, New York
Phone: 716-332-3775
Fax: 716-332-1015

Register Your Block Club With the City of Buffalo or Questions Concerning Organizing or Information for Block Clubs

Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc.
Central Clearing House
1319 City Hall
Buffalo, New York 14202
Phone: 716-851-6500

Linda Freidenberg, President

Technical Assistance, Block Club Organizing & Neighborhood Watch Training

Masten Block Club Coalition, Inc.
118 East Utica Street
Buffalo, New York 14205
Phone: 716-885-9738
Fax: 716-885-9738

Louise Bonner, Program Director
Ada Hopson-Clemons, President

Services: Flyers and typing services for Masten District Block Clubs