Obtaining a Bank Account

Information Needed to Become Banking Sufficient

  • Fill out form SS-4 from the Federal Internal Revenue Service
  • Take your newly received E.I.N. to the bank or Credit Union of your choice and open an account for your block club.

To Become Proposal & Grant Sufficient

  • Submit the following items:
    • Nonprofit Corporate Certificate: This certificate-may be purchased at any Legal or Office Product Store and will state that your Block Club is nonprofit.
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Copy of Bylaws
    • $75 filing fee
    • Mail to:
      Secretary of the State of New York
      Division of Corporation, Nonprofit
      162 Washington Avenue
      Albany, New York 12231
  • After receiving your receipt, your Block Club should consider buying a Seal Embossing Stamper and Seals. The stamper can be purchased from most office supply stores, estimated cost $30 and up.