What Can a Block Club/Tenant Council Do?

Clean Up Vacant Lots - Wage War on Rats

Block Clubs/Tenant Councils can participate in the Great American Clean-up in the spring, clean up vacant lots, (removing the shelter for rodents) and seek permission to use the lots as a playground or a community garden. Also, they can remind residents to use covered trash cans to remove the rodents' food supply.

Beautify the Neighborhood

Block Clubs / Tenant Councils can arrange for the planting of trees, flower beds, a community garden, etc. They can also enlist the neighborhood handymen to help with the painting and repairing of needy neighbor's homes.

Get Together With Other Groups & Organizations

Block Clubs/Tenant Councils can get together with other clubs, groups, and organizations for joint action on common projects (paving, parks, etc.).

Fight for Better Housing

Block Clubs /Tenant Councils should become familiar with, and seek advice on, Laws relating to code enforcement, zone violations, and tenant / landlord responsibilities.

Work With Law Enforcement & Fire Departments

Block Clubs/Tenant Councils can establish a Neighborhood Crime Watch and be trained by a certified Crime Specialist. They can also establish a "phone tree" (a method of notifying neighbors quickly by telephone of neighborhood happenings).

Meet With Government Officials

Block Clubs / Tenant Councils can meet with government officials to discuss neighborhood problems and the municipalities' services such as trash pick-up, street improvements, Law enforcement policies and procedures and fire department response times.

Hold  "Candidates Nights"

Block Clubs/Tenant Councils can invite candidates running for office to a meeting so they may question the prospective leaders on issues affecting their neighborhoods.