Buffalo Board of Block Clubs

About the Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo and Erie County, Inc.

The Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc. is an organization comprised of block clubs, tenant councils, associations, and coalitions from the city of Buffalo and Erie County. Its purpose is to inform area block leaders and all other groups registered with them of local events, happenings, and opportunities available to them. They also mail information about organizations and subjects of interest to contact people from the block clubs and area groups. 

The Board's meetings are held monthly on the 4th Thursday of each month (if a holiday falls on the 4th Thursday, the meeting will be held on the 3rd Thursday of that month). There will be no meeting during the months of November and December. Meeting locations vary, please email us at bobcbuffalo@gmail.com to receive notice of meeting location and BOBC updates and news. 

Board Members

  • Debbie Lombardo, President
  • Dr. Cortasia Solomon-Carter, VP
  • Myra Robinson-Moses, 2nd VP
  • Linda Gellman, Secretary
  • Jennifer Gorski, Treasurer 
  • Anita Edgerton, Sergeant of Arms
  • Charles Calvin, Board Member
  • Chris Sikora, Board Member
  • Konrad Heinonen, Board Member

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership, as well as foster and promote concepts of unity. The BOBC serves as a vehicle whereby all entities can network together to accomplish a common goal.