Rental Registration

On July 6, 2004 an Ordinance under Chapter 264 - Licensing of Rental Housing Business - was passed unanimously by the Common Council. The Rental Registration Program was implemented in January 2005 to help identify problem properties and absentee landlords. It is used to assist code enforcement efforts to improve the quality of life for tenants and neighbors of rental dwellings.

The Rental Registration Office, within the Department of Permit and Inspection Services, is responsible for registering all non-owner occupied single and two-family homes. Some three-family and mixed-use dwellings also fall under the purview of the Rental Registration legislation. The ordinance applies to units whether or not they are occupied.

Recent Amendment

Chapter 264 of the Buffalo Code - Rental Registration Ordinance was recently amended and now requires that landlords certify that they are aware that their property may contain potential lead hazards unless it was built after 1978. Any owner found to have a property with lead based paint violations must obtain lead training. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the property’s Rental Registration Certificate and the potential for an Order to Vacate being issued. Additionally property managers are required to complete an EPA accredited Renovation and Repair Training Program. Certificates of Occupancy will be denied to any property where a lead paint based hazard exists.


Access the City of Buffalo Lead Paint Notice Form, Landlord Instructions for the Lead Paint Notice Form, and the Landlord Attestation form with respect to lead in the rental unit: 

If as a landlord, you use a lease or rental agreement that has a lead disclosure that you are only required to sign and return the Landlord Attestation. Your tenants do not have to fill out the Lead paint Notice Form as well.

Additional Information

Should you have any additional questions or need additional assistance, please contact the Department of Permit and Inspection Services Rental Registration Office, Program Director, Michael L. Austin at 716-851-5621 or Mike Donovan at 716-851-4267.