Multiple Dwellings

A multiple dwelling must be registered with the Division of Permit and Inspection Services, Multiple Dwelling office. The registration accurately records the name,address, phone number, and email of the current owner. Depending on the number of units contained in the multiple dwelling and/or whether the owner resides in Erie County, an agent who lives in the county may also have to be listed. Registration documentation is not transferable at the sale or other disposition of the property. No building permit or certificate of occupancy will be issued unless the registration is current and accurate.

The majority of existing multiple dwellings have approved blueprints and property surveys on file with the Division of Permit and Inspection Services. All multiple dwellings must have a current Certificate of Occupancy in order to operate.

Changes & Alterations

Any change of use or alteration to a multiple dwelling requires the issuance of a new Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance depending on the nature of the work and type of building. A complete inspection of all areas of the building may be required. During the construction or repair activity on a multiple dwelling, the inspection of new or repaired fire separations is essential. Additionally, plans may be required to be updated to accurately reflect changes to the building. No area is to be enclosed prior to rough and mechanical inspections being performed.


When performing repairs in occupied buildings, hard wired and battery operated smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detectors, and opening protectives, i.e. automatic door closures, fire doors, etc., must be maintained. 

The Chief Building Inspector of Multiple Dwellings will assess use changes and alteration, and repairs on an individual basis.