Mayor Byron W. Brown's Biography

Biography Mayor Byron W. Brown

The Honorable Byron W. Brown was sworn in for his fourth four-year term as the 62nd Mayor of New York’s second-largest city in January of 2018. Mayor Brown has been a champion of Buffalo’s revival, with a vision that embraces inclusiveness, equity and opportunity.

Under his leadership, the City has experienced significant progress, including more than $7.3 billion in new economic development activity which is expected to create over 12,000 new jobs. His continued vision is of a thriving, healthy and innovative Buffalo – a city that embraces inclusiveness, equity and opportunity for all.

Since taking office, Mayor Brown has spearheaded a number of successful initiatives to revolutionize community-based policing to further improve community and police relations and strengthen neighborhoods.  He continues to work collaboratively with all levels of law enforcement, as well as other vital community partners, on crime-fighting initiatives that have resulted in an overall drop in crime, including a 39% reduction in shootings, since 2006. Under Mayor Brown’s direction, the Buffalo Police Department recently achieved full accreditation from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Accreditation Council, making the BPD the largest City accredited law enforcement agency in New York State.

From his earliest days in office, Mayor Brown put in place a bold set of strategic plans that have resulted in high-profile economic development projects and job growth in Buffalo. He has led a series of strategic investments throughout the City to stimulate new employment opportunities. A key example is the $120+ million Northland Beltline Redevelopment project, which transformed an idle industrial site into a state-of-the-art workforce training center, combined with new business operations.   His administration also spearheaded the creation of the Beverly A. Gray Business Exchange Center, on East Utica Street, infusing $2.3 million in City funds into the former library, to create a one-stop center to assist Minority- and Women-owned businesses.

Another example is the City-led remediation and sale of the land along South Park Avenue, where the $900 million Solar City/Tesla Project at Riverbend facility has been constructed. Tesla has partnered with Panasonic to operate the solar panel plant, creating employment opportunities for up to 3,000 people.  Mayor Brown also guided the sale of a city-owned parking lot for the purposes of development which has since been transformed into the Buffalo Sabres organization’s popular $200 million HarborCenter, located right in the heart of the revitalized Downtown waterfront at Canalside.

Weaved throughout all of these significant projects is Mayor Brown’s strong and continued commitment to make Buffalo a place “where no one is left out, and no one is left behind”.  He is a founding member of the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable, which includes more than 30 community leaders from public, private, nonprofits and faith institutions convened to advance racial equity and promote the change required to accelerate a shared regional prosperity.  He continues to work every day to ensure that the City of Buffalo a welcoming place of opportunity and inclusion for all.

Mayor Brown’s career in public service is marked with many historic achievements; he was elected the first African-American Mayor of Buffalo. He has won dozens of awards for his public service, including national recognition for his role in Say Yes Buffalo and breaking new ground in community policing.