Community Crime Prevention Initiative

The Community Crime Prevention Initiative (CCPI) is a Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency sponsored community-wide strategy for crime reduction, blight removal and beautification. Funded by Community Development Block Grant funds, these crime prevention programs operate within the community and involve residents actively working together with local government agencies to address issues contributing to crime, delinquency and disorder.

These programs are operated not only by neighborhood residents, but also by faith-based organizations, businesses, block clubs, students and police officers. Community members are encouraged to play key roles in problem identification and planning solutions to resolve those problems which may be unique to their community but that has an impact on the whole community's development. 

The Community Crime Prevention Initiative also works with the Buffalo Public Schools, the Division of Citizen Services, other city staff and officials, civic leaders, and business representatives in fulfilling its mission, goals and objectives. The Crime Prevention awareness Strategic Plan includes:

  • Law Enforcement - to reduce street violence
  • Community policing - to improve neighborhood quality of life
  • Prevention/Intervention and Treatment - to promote an environment that fosters collaborative program efforts to reduce crime through interactions with most dangerous zip codes throughout the city
  • Neighborhood Restoration - to redevelop housing stock and increase housing options.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The community benefits from free Community Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design training. Individuals who hail from the many different backgrounds like Community organizations, Businesses, Block Clubs, Police and government workers represent a mix of community residents who have access to attend a free, 8-hour training where, together, they learn unique concepts and strategies for improving their communities through the CPTED framework.

Since this program inception in 2018, this training has trained:

  • Forty-five (45) Community Stakeholders 
  • Four (4) Buffalo Police Officers 
  • Twelve (12) community crime prevention projects created 
  • Six (6) AmeriCorps VISTAs

If interested please click on the CPTED link in the left margin above to sign up and learn more about Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Tree Planting Initiative 

Trees have the capability to effect areas beyond the scope of the physical design and make up of a community. According to aggregated data from other cities in the United States, increasing vegetation by ten percent (10%) leads to a twelve percent (12%) decrease in crimes. Trees do not only make a neighborhood a more desirable place to live by adding to the beautification of the overall community, but they can also improve air quality by as much as fifteen percent (15%). 

This tree planting initiative is created to eradicate the public health crisis that crime is by using data to identify neighborhoods within the city limits that have higher levels of violence and offenses. 

If interested please click on the Tree Planting initiative link in the left margin above to sign up and learn more about assisting in this initiative.

Youth Corp 

In addition, a Youth Corp is looking to manage the Summer Youth Initiative and AmeriCorps initiative under the CCPI umbrella. We are looking to introduce between 5 and 15 youth participate in job training and workforce development during the summer months. 

The Youth Corps members will work in public lands restoring, rehabilitating, and repairing the natural, cultural, and historical resources throughout the city of Buffalo. Some examples of work that will be completed each season by the Youth Corps will be:

  • Beautification of neighborhoods
  • Blight Removal
  • Complete streets creation 
  • Signage replacement
  • Crime Data Research Assistance
  • Education Research Assistance
  • Neighborhood Restoration
  • Community clean-ups
  • Crime Prevention Planning/Teaching
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • IT Work
  • Visitor Use Assistance