Parking Enforcement Division

The Winter Parking Restrictions are in effect from November 15th to April 1st. During this time frame, you cannot park on a bus route between 1:30AM - 7:00AM. Please click here for a complete list of bus routes in the City of Buffalo. Please note that the bus route restrictions are a City-wide Ordinance, and we are not required to post signage advising of the restriction.

All posted Parking Restrictions are currently in effect, including 9AM-4PM Alternate Parking Restrictions. If you live on a street that has 9AM-4PM Alternate Parking please note that those will be enforced effective 11/15/2023. 

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The Parking Department is currently open to the public during our regular office hours, no appointment is necessary. If you have a hearing scheduled, please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time to get through security. Face coverings and temperature screenings are required for everyone entering the building. 

The City of Buffalo is taking precautionary measures to eliminate exposure and risk of spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In order to provide information without an appearance at City Hall, we strongly suggest contacting us via email at or by telephone at (716) 851-5182.

The City of Buffalo Parking Department is able to provide you with information about any outstanding parking tickets, fees, suspensions, or impounded vehicles in your name along with options for taking care of outstanding issues without having to visit City Hall in person.

If you know how much your ticket is and would like to pay online click here and enter your license plate number.

If you would like to pay your ticket via mail or in person, please use the address below. Please include your license plate number in the memo line if paying via check.

Parking Violations Bureau

65 Niagara Square

Room 111

Buffalo NY, 14202

If you do not know how much you owe, please contact us via email at or by telephone at (716) 851-5182. Please have either the ticket number or your license plate ready.

To request a hearing on your outstanding ticket(s), and the tickets are less than 180 days old, you may request one of the below options. 

To request a hearing, please contact us via email at or by US mail.

After the hearing is held, you will be mailed a written decision. Failure to appear for a scheduled hearing will result in a default judgement and the fine will be due at the maximum fine amount for that violation.


A decision will be made on the parking ticket without an in-person appearance. Please send an explanation via mail or email outlining why you feel you are not guilty of the violation. Include any proof (evidence) you would like the hearing officer to consider. Include your current address and telephone number. The registered owner must sign the request and provide a photocopy or image of their license.


When requesting a telephone hearing please the telephone number you wish to be contacted on. We will contact you on the scheduled date/time for the hearing officer to conduct the hearing. The registered owner must provide a photocopy or image of government issued photo ID when requesting the hearing and be available to verify ID information from their license. If you do not answer the phone at the scheduled time, you will be considered “failed to appear” and issued a default guilty judgment.


If you wish to appear in person for a hearing, your hearing will be scheduled for a future date. Once you submit your request for an in-person hearing, you will be mailed a letter explaining the date/time of the hearing along with all other pertinent information. If you do not appear at the scheduled time, you will be considered “failed to appear” and issued a default guilty judgment.

If you wish to request one of the available hearing options or would like more information about your account, please contact us using the following methods;


Phone:    716-851-5182

Mail:   Parking Violations Bureau

Room 111, City Hall

65 Niagara Square

Buffalo NY, 14202

Drop Box: Impound Lot

166 Dart Street

Buffalo, NY 14213


Description of Services

The City of Buffalo Parking Enforcement Division is committed to providing excellent customer service to both residents and visitors who are parking throughout the City. Committed to providing quality, professional help, the Parking Enforcement Division’s main goal is to provide affordable, safe and public parking citywide. While uniformly enforcing parking ordinances and laws of the City of Buffalo and New York State, the Parking Enforcement Division will always make residents and visitors feel that they are being heard without judgement. As Buffalo continues to experience growing economic development and an increase in traffic throughout the City, Parking Enforcement will do what it can to advance the progress Buffalo is experiencing with quality customer service.

Division Objectives

Parking Violations Bureau

  • Accept not guilty pleas to hear and determine charges of parking violations
  • Maintain complete and accurate record of all parking violation summonses and related accounts receivables
  • Perform all necessary steps of suspending vehicle registration, notification requirements etc. for all unpaid summonses

Parking Meters & Enforcement

  • Install, maintain and repair parking meters
  • Issue parking violation summonses for violations of the "Parking", "Stopping" and "Standing" pursuant to the State of New York Vehicle and Traffic Law and Ordinances of the City of Buffalo
  • Post temporary signs throughout the City for special events
  • Assist Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets in removing obstructing vehicles during street cleaning and snow removal

Towing & Storage Operations

  • Tow and Store illegally parked vehicles, police impounded vehicles, vehicles from accident scenes or vehicles which obstruct City services or traffic
  • Maintain complete and accurate record of towed vehicles and related accounts receivables
  • Hold weekly auctions of unclaimed vehicles