Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency

Description of Services

The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is a court of record. The agency assists the Buffalo City Court in the disposition and administration of non-criminal moving traffic violations. The agency operates under the direction and control of Mayor Byron W. Brown. The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency was created in 2015 through collaborative efforts by the City of Buffalo and New York State lawmakers.

About the Agency 

  • The goals of the Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency are to enhance public safety through the enforcement of traffic laws and education of motorists in order to promote driver responsibility.
  • Since its inception, the City of Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency has been adjudicating traffic infractions in violation of New York State Traffic Laws. The agency handles non-criminal moving traffic violations that occur within the City of Buffalo. In specific instances, some traffic infractions are handled in Buffalo City Court.
  • Prior to the creation of the agency, these moving violations were adjudicated through the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau.
  • The Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency is authorized under New York State General Municipal Law Article 14-B, Section 370, and established in the Buffalo City Charter under Section C-6-24.
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