Citizen Services Division

Description of Services 

The Division of Citizen Services was created within the Executive Department to establish and maintain a centralized computer based system and procedures for receiving, processing and responding to inquiries, service requests, complaints and suggestions from citizens in a timely, accurate and professional manner. Since its inception, the Division has acquired several ancillary programs aimed at working with residents, block clubs and organizations to better service the community.

Division Objectives 

  • Create, implement, and sustain a centralized call system capable of resolving non-emergency service requests with faster response times and higher rate of resolution than previous systems 
  • Gain efficiency in grade and volume of service calls for quality-of-life issues within the division's ancillary programs while reducing costs 
  • Support the rejuvenation of inner-city neighborhoods through restoration efforts, educational programming, and safety agendas
  • Supplement efforts towards keeping area neighborhoods drug and crime free through the use of Clean Sweeps
  • Creation and deployment of a Citizen's Participation Academy to create greater rapport between city officials and residents
  • Creation and implementation of a centralized Block Club registry and a block club incubator in conjunction with the Buffalo Board of Block Clubs
  • Make public information publicly available for free in accessible and machine-readable formats through the Open Data Portal
  • Direct VISTA resources in the Economic Opportunity and Healthy Future focus areas to leverage existing efforts in lifting people out of poverty
CitizenServices-FlowChart 2018