Software Applications

  1. MUNIS - An ERP Software package purchased from Tyler Technologies
    M.I.S. Support Team - Daryl Springer, Paul Springer, Janet Sanfilippo, Corrie Lucas
    Munis is designed specifically to help the us handle all aspects of government operations with accuracy, transparency, and efficiency. Extended with Munis solution add-ons that bring greater power and flexibility to our ERP platform.
    The software covers the following major areas:
    Payroll  for all city departments, Buffalo Sewer Authority, Buffalo Municipal  Housing Authority covering 4000 employees from 26 different Bargaining  Unions
    General Ledger
    Accounts Payable
    Accounts Receivable covering billing done for miscellaneous services
    Budgeting and Appropriation
    Tax Billing/Sewer Rent Billing and Receivable 
  2. RPIS (Real Property Information Software) 
    M.I.S. Support Team - Paul Springer, Peter Zingorenko
    The software is provided by and maintained by NY State.
    Database  is in Sybase.   Housed on a separate server at M.I.S. datacenter. M.I.S. provides user support, data backup and performs major system  tasks.
  3. 311 CRM - Citizen Service Request Tracking (LAGAN)
    M.I.S. Support Team - Daryl Springer, Katherine Barker
    Written in Java and .Net. The database is SQL Server.  Keeping track of all  service requests filed by citizens into the Mayor’s Hot line or entered  through City’s web site.  Routing the request to appropriate  departments, sending communications to citizens regarding their  request.    
  4. Case and Contract Management Software
    M.I.S. Support Team - Daryl Springer, Paul Springer    
    Designed using Share Point Services and SQL Server – This software supports the Law Department for managing cases and contracts.   
  5. Assessor Activity Log and Tracking
    M.I.S. Support Team - Paul Springer, Peter Zingorenko
    The software tracks the daily activity of Assessors. Designed in MS Access and interfaces with Assessment Database.   
  6. Exemption Processing
    M.I.S. Support Team - Paul Springer, Daryl Springer, Peter Zingorenko
    The  software generates renewal notices for various exemptions. Hand written application forms are scanned for data extraction and compared  with current exemption data for changes. Designed in MS Access and interfaces with Assessment Database
  7. Annual Tax Foreclosure Processing
    M.I.S. Support Team - Frank Honrado, Paul Springer, Nathan Ignatz
    Software is a combination of MS Access database and .Net application
    The software performs the following functions:
    Merge data of delinquent accounts from Tax, Water and User Fee Receivables
    Issue various notices to delinquent property owners
    Prepares reports for publication in various journals
    Prepares Property Data to be assigned to search companies for lien holder search
    Has a web interface for search companies to enter lien holder information online on City’s web site
    Multiple Notices are sent to lien holders
    Data is prepared for annual foreclosure auction
    List of Properties is published on
    Individuals / Businesses interested in purchasing properties can register online using a web interface
    A master Excel database of foreclosure properties and their delinquent property amounts are prepared for auction
    A wireless network is set up in the Convention Center of 6 laptops for auction processing
  8. Bankruptcy Case Tracking
    M.I.S. Support Team - Peter Zingorenko
    The  software is designed to track bankruptcy cases related to Tax and User Fee Bills. It interfaces with Tax A/R and User Fee A/R
  9. Tax Foreclosure Auction and In Rem Processing
    M.I.S. Support Team - Paul Springer, Frank Honrado, Nathan Ignatz  
    The software is designed in .Net and manages property auction processes
  10. Parking Enforcement and Towing
    M.I.S. Support Team - Janet Sanfilippo, Ken Barnes
    Managing all Parking tickets issued in city.
    Managing information of all cars towed by city.  
    Inventory of all parking meters and repair history
    Note – Parking Payments can be paid online through City’s Web Site
  11. Building Permits and Inspections  (Infor Public Sector)
    The City uses a software package purchased from Infor Technologies.
    M.I.S. Support Team - Joe Strianese
    Infor Public Sector software handles the permitting processes for all of our building applications, starting from the time a customer applies for a permit. Infor Public Sector uses inspection types to define the different kinds of inspections that we perform, such as mechanical, footing, or roofing inspections. Infor Public Sector then automatically adds the inspections to an application at the appropriate points in its process.
    Building, Electrical and Plumbing Permits
    Housing Inspection for Permits or Code violations
    Housing Court
    Demolition case tracking and Billing
    Street Cuts Permits
    Load Zone Permits
    Certificate of Occupancy Management
    Rental Registry
    Multiple Dwelling Property Management
    Project Management
    Case Management
    Business Licenses
    Web interface - Citizens can apply for Minor Repair and Electrical Permits on the City’s Web Site and pay using a credit card.  Permit is  issued on line in PDF format for printing
  12. Miscellaneous Code Enforcement and Adjudication Software
    M.I.S. Support Team - Ken Barnes, Peter Zingorenko
    Software is developed in MS ACCESS and keeps track of:
    Summons issued by Streets department for trash violations
    Summons issued by City Clerk for unlicensed dogs
    Summons issued by Fire Department for fire safety violations
    Summons issued by Dept. of Adjudication for other miscellaneous city code violations
  13. Treasury Payment Processing Software
    M.I.S. Support Team - Frank Honrado
    Database is MS SQL Server and software is written in .NET
    City  treasury is the central location to receive payments for all Accounts  Receivables.  The software performs teller functions and is integrated  with all receivables.   The software also processes payments submitted  electronically by M & T Lock Box operation, Escrow Companies and  payment made through the City’s Web Site. 
  14. User Fee Billing and A/R Software
    M.I.S. Support Team - Peter Zingorenko, Daryl Springer
    Database  is on SQL Server and software is written in MS Access.   The software  manages billing and receivables for Garbage pickup.
    Note – User Fee payments can be made on line through City’s web site.
  15. Occupancy Tax Receivable
    M.I.S. Support Team - Frank Honrado
    Designed  in MS Access.   Software manages occupancy tax receivable.  This tax  was levied in 1970 and has only about 4500 unpaid bill remaining
  16. Civil Service Examination and Certification
    M.I.S. Support Team - Peter Zingorenko
    Software  is in MS ACCESS and manages all civil services exams, applicants, test  scores, certified list of passed and approved candidates.
    Note – We post the upcoming exams on our web site. 
  17. Time and Attendance Software - ExecuTime Solution
    M.I.S. Support Team - Corrie Lucas, Janet Sanfilippo, Delano McInnis
    ExecuTime manages time and attendance as well as advanced scheduling, offers our employees self-service functionalities, and allows them to closely manage overtime. Software provides solid integration with numerous time collecting interfaces such as web browsers, time clocks, phone, text messaging, IVR, proximity readers, and biometric. Employees easily clock in or out and access a variety of time and attendance tools. Managers can approve timesheets, resolve exceptions, and handle employee requests on the go. With biometrics, bar code readers, and touch screens, we have the hardware to simplify all your timekeeping needs. It generates standard payroll transactions for all employees.   Over 200 time keepers then on bi-weekly basis enter the exception transactions online.  It verifies their input based on business rules established for various  bargaining unions and calculates earnings.
  18. Vacant Lot Maintenance Tracking
    M.I.S. Support Team - Ken Barnes, Peter Zingorenko
    Designed in MS Access - This keeps track of the maintenance schedule and billing for over 4000 vacant lots in the city
  19. Dog Licenses
    M.I.S. Support Team - Ken Barnes
    The  software package purchased by City Clerk’s office and supported by  M.I.S.  Written in MS Access.   M.I.S. staff designed a web interface  for Citizens to renew their dog license on line.  The software  interfaces with treasury Teller software and miscellaneous Code Enforcement  and Adjudication Software.  
  20. Marriage Licenses
    M.I.S. Support Team - Ken Barnes
    Software Package purchased by City Clerk’s office.
  21. Birth Certificates and Genealogy Search
    M.I.S. Support Team - Ken Barnes
    The  issuance of current birth certificates is done through a software  package acquired by City Clerk’s  Office and Package written in MS  Access.   Archival of old birth certificates and birth records are done  using a combination of scanned document using Laser fiche and  database.    The scanned birth records can be accessed on City’s web  site.  Database is on SQL server.
  22. Vehicle Inventory and Fuel Master
    M.I.S. Support Team - Daryl Springer, Peter Zingorenko
    This  application has an MS SQL Server database of all vehicles owned or  leased by the city for its workforce and it interfaces with a software  package Fuel Master which keeps track of fuel issuance and usage by the  vehicle.
  23. M.I.S. Service Request Tracking - Team Dynamix Ticketing Solution
    M.I.S. Support Team - Daryl Springer, Frank Honrado, Paul Springer, Kirk McLean
    As support services have become more complex due to the sophistication of applications and integration of multiple systems, the focus has moved from basic ticket tracking to a more formalized, ITIL-compliant, and proactive approach . Team Dynamix Ticketing Solution is available over the intranet for tracking all service requests submitted to M.I.S. Users can submit  and check status of their requests. Software also produces reports of  open requests, overdue requests etc.
  24. M.I.S. Equipment Inventory
    M.I.S. Support Team - Daryl Springer, Ken Barnes
    Written  in ACCESS.  Internal software to keep track of all PC, Printers and  other equipment supported by M.I.S. It also tracks of OEM warranties and maintenance contracts, software levels.
  25. ArcGIS Enterprise and Desktop Environment
    M.I.S. Support Team - Ali Santora and Riley Lucas
    The software environment used to build, maintain, and publish spatial data, maps, and application for departmental support and public use.
  26. Questica Solutions
    M.I.S. Support Team - Francis Suazo
    SaaS-based cost allocation software that enables us to automatically develop, import, track, and plan cost allocation plans and indirect cost rates (ICRP) in one centralized system.
  27. IDT - Electronic Plan Review (BlueBeam)
    Bluebeam to review plan sets for building permits. Bluebeam allows plan reviewers to navigate easily through plan set. PDF plans are easier to submit, manage, and track than paper plans
  28. Socrata - OpenData
    Provides an open data repository service that th City of Buffalo uses to make open data available to the public