Community Services & Recreational Programming

Description of Services

The City of Buffalo Department of Community Services and Recreational Programming is comprised of seven divisions that  invests in a network of community-based organizations and programs to enrich and complement the lives of Buffalo residents, particularly city youth and city seniors. By providing and funding a wide range of high-quality recreation and leisure opportunities, we support youth and seniors by meeting their social, economic and physical needs while promoting diversity, cultural, neighborhood, family, education, recreation and wellness opportunities.

Department Objectives

Community Development

  • Contracts with not-for-profit agencies throughout the City of Buffalo to provide comprehensive services to the residents of the City of Buffalo
  • Monitors and audits contracts with community based organizations funded through Federal   Community Development Block Grant (C.D.B.G.), Emergency Solutions Grant (E.S.G.) and Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (H.O.P.W.A.) funds and public service funds
  • Implements a systematic review of contractor performance in meeting required Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity mandates as detailed by an EEO Plan
  • Monitoring and auditing of contractor grantees or organizations that transact business within the City of Buffalo, or any project that is funded with city monies or at least $1 of other public funds

Literacy Services

  • Mayor Brown's Summer Reading Challenge continues to serve as a strong educational tool that prevents the “academic summer slide” and prepares local students for success in their next academic semester
  • Provides resources and partnerships  with local literacy agencies to assist all City of Buffalo residents in improving their literacy skills

Youth Services

  • Provides summer internship opportunities and job readiness training services for young residents ages 14-21. Since 2006, 22,000 jobs have been provided to city youth
  • Provides services which help to reduce incidences of juvenile delinquency, gang violence, adolescent violence and anti-social behavior
  • Provides free counseling to youth at the request of the parents, school authorities, law enforcement or by order of City, County, and Family Court

Workforce Development (Buffalo Employment and Training Center)

  • Provides free workforce development services that increase the occupational skill attainment, employment,  job retention and earnings of job seekers
  • Provides job seekers with career research materials, labor market information, computer access (to search sites, perform job searches and submit online applications and resumes)

Family Support and Senior Services

  • Issues disabled parking permits for medically verified individuals
  • Manages medical van service for seniors
  • Provides services which enable Senior Citizens to remain active and viable members of our community
  • Funds and monitors youth and senior program contracts with community and social services agencies
  • Coordinates and shares recreational programming opportunities between city-run community agencies and independent community based agencies