Commission on Citizens' Rights and Community Relations

Commission on Citizens’ Rights and Community Relations Mission Statement

The Commission on Citizens’ Rights and Community Relations of the City of Buffalo strives to eliminate prejudice, intolerance, bigotry and discrimination; to encourage equality of treatment and prevent discrimination against persons based upon race, ethnic background, cultural background, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, nationality and age; and to assure respect for the civil liberties of all citizens.

Complaints can be submitted by downloading the Complaint form and mailed to:   

Commission of Citizens Rights and Community Relations 65 Niagara Square, City Hall 1316C Buffalo, NY 14202

or by calling 311.

Commission on Citizens’ Rights and Community Relations Board Members

  • Charles F. Torres , Chairperson
  • Rev. Kenneth Simmons, Vice-Chair
  • Sherrill W Colston, Commissioner
  • Barbara Kloberdanz, Commissioner
  • Alexandra Lopez, Commissioner
  • Crystal Rodriguez, Esq., Commissioner
  • Ekua Mends-Aidoo, Commissioner
  • John Calvin Davis, Commissioner
  • David Granville, Commissioner
  • Reverend Sheila Wallace, Commissioner
  • Zaw Win, Commissioner

Next Commission Board Meeting:  

All meetings and events have been canceled until further notice.