Broadway Barns Request for Expressions of Interest Questions and Answers

Responses to the Broadway Barns RFEI are due Friday, December 9, 2022 at 5:00 pm EST

Question 1: Will the city entertain proposals that entirely or largely remove the Broadway Barns structure?

Answer: Yes, the City welcomes all proposals at this time.

Question 2: Are projects that maintain most or all of the existing barn structure preferred?

Answer: The City does not have any preferences identified.

Question 3: What is the anticipated timeline for DPW to move off the site to a new location? 

Answer: The City has not established a timeline for DPW to move off site to a new location. The City released an RFQ for a new DPW Campus in 2022, the City of Buffalo will be inviting respondents of the RFQ to respond to a Request for Proposals to be released in early January of 2023.

Question 4: Does the city anticipate any city operations remaining on the site?

Answer: The City plans to move operations to a new DPW campus. There are no plans currently to maintain existing City operations at Broadway Barns.

Question 5: How will the Restore NY funds, if procured by the City, aid the project? Will these be passed through to the Developer for partial demolition or refurbishment of the building? 

Answer: The City of Buffalo is endeavoring to commit substantial funds for selective demolition and stabilization including but not limited to up to $5M from Restore NY funding. Restore NY funds can be used for a variety of activities like stabilization,   demolition, etc.  Restore NY guidelines indicate that funds may be sub-granted to a developer for qualified Restore NY uses. The City is open to having these discussions.

Question 6: We recognize that the RFEI states a 3-page maximum with no attachments or photos. We wanted to confirm that no other documentation is required as part of the RFEI. 

Answer: Yes, no other documentation is required as part of this RFEI. 

Question 7: What is the status of adjacent City-owned properties? Would the City be interested in including any adjacent owned City properties in a development proposal for the Broadway Barns site? 

Answer:The RFEI is solely for the Broadway Barns site. Adjacent City-owned properties are not considered as part of this RFEI. If you are interested in other city-owned property, please contact the City’s Division of Real Estate.