Animal Shelter RFP Questions and Answers

Please Note: The Animal Shelter RFP deadline has been extended to August 12.

Question 1:  Can you please provide existing City of Buffalo Animal Shelter floor plans?

Answer: Floor plans and other drawings of the current facility are available upon request. Please reach out to

Question 2: Are there any licensing or approval requirements for the facility (i.e.; USDA) beyond the building permit?


Answer: The only other requirements would be for the location of the shelter and the building requirements from the code. Currently an Animal Shelter would be allowed in a N-1D, N-1C, N-1S, N-2C, N-2E, N-3C, N-3E, D-M, D-E, D-S, D-C, D-IL zones.


These are the other requirements for the shelter:  Animal boarding facilities must be located indoors; Exterior exercise areas must be located to the rear or interior side of the principal building on the lot; Any exterior exercise areas must be designed to provide shelter against weather;  Fencing of exterior exercise areas is required. Fencing must be between six and seven feet in height to prevent escape, and must be buried a minimum of one foot to prevent escape by digging beneath the fence

Question 3: As with the DPW RFQ, is it acceptable to include additional appendices for the Animal Shelter RFP that will be outside of the 10 page narrative?

Answer: Yes it is acceptable to include additional appendices that will be outside the 10 page narrative.