LYB Year 1

Love Your Block Year 1 was able to fund mini-grants up to $1,000 to more than 20 different community-led projects in the city of Buffalo. These projects focused on eliminating urban blight and implementing Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Principles to create a safer environment for the city's residents.  

LYB Year 1 Mini-Grant Winners

Cycle 1

  • Burlington Ave. Block Club: Provided illumination to neighborhood to deter crime 
  • Jefferson Ave. Block Club #644: Worked on a mural bin project serving as public art in order to bring positive attention to area / reduce litter and dumping
  • Kleinhans Community Association: Planted at National Grid station located at West / Hudson to cover up graffiti / reduce litter. They also created a mural for the station in order to further beautify the area
  • The Belle Center: Conducted a summer long initiative that involved neighborhood clean-up events in order to restore beauty to their area and purchased a mural bin in order to reduce litter  
  • We Care Neighborhood Community Block Club: Cleaned / restored community garden that has been in place for 17 years in order to deter crime. It will become the host site for their annual community garden walks.  
  • Winslow Ave. Block Club #2: Created a tulip memorial garden with the incorporation of lighting, plants, public artwork, fences, etc. in order to create a designated purpose for a vacant lot to deter criminal activity 
  • Youth N' Progress: Aimed to bring positive attention to Sperry St. Park by implementing signage, planting, fencing, etc. 

LYB Year 1 Mini-Grant Winners

Cycle 2

  • Bird Herkimer Block Club: Increased the walkability of its community through the creation of improved lighting / cross walks. The installation of traffic calming measures / doggie bin bags helped address the issues of littering / speeding.
  • Buffalo Muslim Community Services: Implementing regular street cleaning efforts / community space revitalization of lots on Buffalo's East Side 
  • Burlington Ave. Block Club: Used CPTED principles by implementing more lighting /  clean-up days to deter crime in vacant school lot  
  • Castle Place Block Club: Deter crime by implementing a new block club sign / installing camera surveillance / street signs to inform drivers to slow down  
  • Fruit Belt Coalition Inc.: Aimed to establish green space through vacant lot activation by implementing community gardens, revitalizing public spaces, and establishing a Gazebo Memorial Garden 
  • H.E.A.L. International: Increased lighting / accessibility in order to make the corner of West Ferry / Herkimer safer
  • Jami Masjid-Muslim Society of Buffalo: Improved lighting in order to reduce crime / created a community garden in order to address the issue of food insecurity in the area 
  • Jefferson Ave. Block Club: Further beautifying community by distributing flower pots to be adopted by neighboring businesses / homeowners. Also, designing garbage bin murals for installation.    
  • Jes Breathe Block Club Association: Addressed safety issues by implementing CPTED principles by revitalizing MLK Park by implementing lighting / signage
  • Kaisertown Friends Association: Further improve trash accessibility in Houghton Park by installing a trash receptacle
  • Leroy Fillmore Block Club: Wanted to address litter / speeding issues in community by implementing speed bumps / transforming vacant lots into community gardens  
  • Marine Drive Apartments: Continuing beautification by improving elements of the community's playground 
  • Mayer Ave. Coalition: Increased accessibility to community garden by creating an ADA accessibility path that allows children with disabilities to access the garden comfortably 
  • PLDG West: Created more greenery in neighborhood in order to revitalize community space 
  • Restoration Society Inc.: Plans to implement regular clean-ups, street lighting, green space creation, and provide garbage bins to reduce littering    
  • Thatcher Comstock Concerned Citizens Block Club: Plans to host regular clean-up days of ill-maintained lots / beautify area and repair existing signage 
  • The North Buffalo Organization Inc.: Extending its beautification on Hertel Ave. by installing planters / bench structures 
  • Trinidad Neighborhood Association Block Club: Revitalized community space by beautifying the Trinidad Park Shelter Building with colorful murals  
  • Universal School: Addressing crime prevention by installing surveillance cameras / increased lighting. Also, installed a small shed for storage in children's playground. 
  • Willowlawn St. Block Club: Wanted to increase wildlife in community by creating a wildlife haven
  • WNY-Urban Arts Collective Inc.: Implemented seven new murals on the outskirts of Jefferson Ave. to increase beatification / supporting local artists