Has My Car Been Towed?

What to do if you suspect your vehicle has been towed;

-For the most up to date tow information, please follow this link. You can search by license plate number, VIN, or by general vehicle information. If your vehicle cannot be found please continue reading the below information. 

-Check our list of any vehicles towed prior to 12/12/22 by clicking here. The list is updated as soon as the vehicle information is entered into our system. However, please note that this takes some time and your vehicle may not be on the list immediately after being towed.

-If your vehicle is not on the list, it may have been mini-towed. Depending on how your vehicle was parked, it may have been moved to a legal parking space up to 500 feet away. A mini-tow fee will be added to the ticket issued instead of charging for a full tow.

-If your vehicle is not on the list of towed vehicle and you cannot confirm whether it was mini-towed, please contact your Buffalo Police District. The Districts contact information can be located by clicking this link and navigating to the correct District based on your location. The Districts are notified as soon as a vehicle is moved by Parking Enforcement.

-Please note, the City of Buffalo Department of Parking Enforcement will only tow vehicles parked on a City street or property. If your vehicle was parked in a privately owned space or lot, the City would not have taken it.

-Once you've confirmed that your vehicle has been impounded by the City, please review our impound procedures.

-If you have any other questions, please contact the Parking Department at 716-851-5182