Elmwood Crossing Environmental Review

The Elmwood Crossing Project is the proposed redevelopment of the former Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.  The Project consists of the redevelopment of parcels comprising the Project Area as a mixed-use project consisting of commercial, including retail, office, health/wellness, grocery store, and a daycare; hospitality, consisting of a hotel and related spaces; and residential uses, including apartments, townhomes and condominium units. The Project includes the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the former Woman and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, and construction of new buildings.

On June 18, 2018, the City of Buffalo Planning Board adopted a Positive Declaration for the Elmwood Crossing Project.  

A Draft Scope for the Elmwood Crossing Generic Environmental Impact Statement was submitted by the project sponsor. Comments on the Draft Scope can be submitted to Jason Paananen, AICP, Director of Environmental Affairs at [email protected] until January 25, 2019.  The Draft Scope is available here