The City of Buffalo, Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets, is in the process of developing a new project, entitled Infrastructure Improvements to the Downtown Entertainment District. The purpose of this project is to design and implement improvements to the following streets in the City of Buffalo:

  Chippewa Street between Main Street and Elmwood Avenue

  Franklin Street between Chippewa Street and Court Street

  Court Street between Main Street and Niagara Square

Total funding available for the project is $5M allocated through various State and City agencies

The design work anticipated for this project shall include, but not be limited to, the following items:

Street Paving: Shallow mill & overlay with full depth repairs at spot locations along each      corridor

 Curb: Work at all intersection ramp locations and spot replacements as needed

Sidewalk: Complete removal and replacement; special treatments (exposed aggregate,      color) as determined during the design process

Bump-Outs: To be investigated and installed if determined appropriate

Landscaping: Design is to include furnishings (benches, trash receptacles), trees,            planters, green infrastructure and wayfinding signage to whatever extent possible

Street Lighting: The existing street lighting systems are to be fully-reconstructed and become part of the City system

Traffic Signals: Upgrades should be included at each signalized intersection; no full reconstruction of any traffic signal site is expected

Signage: Full replacement at intersections and spot replacement along each corridor

Striping: All new striping with the addition of specialty markings (bike lane symbols) as necessary

Water: Standard water work including the replacement of hydrants and service boxes

Sewer: Standard BSA work including the upgrading and/or replacement of curb inlet boxes

Police: Coordination with BPD on the placement of new cameras

Art: Coordination with the Arts Commission on the creation/installation of new art within the project.

Public Involvement: Advisory Group meetings (4 per street, 12 total anticipated) and Public Meetings (3-4 anticipated)