The Slow Streets Program

The map below has been updated with the results of Round 3 public outreach. 

2025 Application Now Available!

The Slow Streets Program aims to reduce speeding on residential streets in the City of Buffalo by instIMG_5407alling permanent traffic calming measures like speed humps.

Applications are due August 1, 2024

Click here to apply.

Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions Document.

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Previous Slow Streets Applicants

If you or a neighbor applied to the Slow Streets program in a prior year, your neighborhood zone will be shown on the applicant map below (Round 1 applications are in blue, Round 2 applications are in orange, Round 3 applications are in green, Round 4 applications are in purple, Round 5 applications are in light blue). In this case, your application process will carry-forward and you do NOT need to re-apply to the program to be considered. Round 4 and Round 5 zones are slated for further public outreach and design prior to final approval of installation. 

Red streets are applications that have been denied. If you click on the street, you will see the reason for denial. 


Call the Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets at (716) 851-5636.