Cars Sharing Main Street

Cars Sharing Main Street

The City of Buffalo, in conjunction with Buffalo Place Inc. and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA), has been working to rebuild Buffalo’s Main Street Pedestrian Mall in Downtown Buffalo.  This multi-phased project is being implemented by the City of Buffalo Department of Public Works, with DiDonato Associates acting as the lead consultant providing design and engineering services.  

The primary objective of the project is to reopen Main Street to two-way vehicular traffic from Scott Street to Goodell Street through the implementation of the preferred alternative identified in the Environmental Assessment (EA), the Share the Track-bed Alternative.  Project design was developed with extensive community involvement, providing for vehicular traffic, Metro Rail, generous sidewalks for Main Street’s dense pedestrian traffic, bicycle lanes where possible, and short term parking for downtown visitors - a street for all users, as prescribed by the City’s Complete Streets Policy.  As part of this project, significant resources are committed toward rebuilding Main Street transit infrastructure.  

The project goals are to stimulate economic development in downtown Buffalo, increase multi-modal access options and transit ridership, and improve the quality of life in downtown Buffalo. This will be achieved through higher visibility for retail shops, loading zones for shops and residential areas, and parking availability to allow easier access to buildings on Main Street.

Project elements include:

  • Restoration of two-way traffic, allowing vehicular traffic to share the LRRT track-bed with the light rail trains
  • Provide on-street parking spaces and loading spaces abutting the sidewalk along both sides of Main Street
  • Reconnect Mohawk Street to Main Street, including new traffic signals at these intersections
  • Structure Demolition – Demolition and/or removal of worn transit mall and streetscape infrastructure including: pavement, sidewalks, curbs, planters, benches, pavers, trees, signage, vertical elements and lighting
  • New Sidewalks and Pavement
  • New pedestrian signals with count-down timers installed at the crosswalks of all intersections
  • Track bed Replacement
  • New traffic signal system - similar to the most updated City of Buffalo and NYSDOT recommended traffic signal controllers
  • Light Rail preemption system required for the Metro Rail operations, integrated into the new signal controllers
  • Track bed Replacement
  • LRRT Systems - Work generally includes all systems associated with the stations and train control
  • Station Rehabilitation

Project Segments:

600 Block – Tupper Street to Chippewa Street
The $8 million 600 Block project is currently under construction and will be substantially completed during 2013.   Bicycle lanes are featured along this segment.  Click here to view 600 Block Design Plans

500 Block – Chippewa Street Mohawk Street
Construction of the $21 million 500 Block will start in fall 2013 and will be completed during 2014.  Click here to view a general layout of the 500 Block

700 Block – Goodell to Tupper Street
The $2.8 million 700 Block was completed in 2009 and includes a two-way conversion of Main Street and bicycle lanes.  Design elements first seen in the 700 block will be used for the length of Main Street, including street furniture, pavement and curb planters. Click here to view pictures of the materials used in the 700 Block